About us

We are a  couple married for 5 years now, who loves God, each other and oh well… travelling. we are based in Malaysia both working for our church. We have a wonderful 6 months old baby girl named Summer. We have a home in Manila and currently listed in Airbnb. 

This blog will preserve our happiest days, and hopefully and prayerfully inspire others as well with the things that we are learning both practically and spiritually.

When we were still friends and starting to like each other, we agreed to see the South east asia in the next few years and we are almost done. we make sure we go somewhere every anniversary and create memories, meet new friends and learn from history and culture and people. kinda mushy but we decided to take photo of our rings in the places where we travel… Welcome to our blog TRAVELINGRINGS. Enjoy !


2 comments on “About us”

  1. Hello Traveler, You found the blog where I write about Photography.
    Thats great. Now I know about you and i will wander your blog to view the images you have posted and read your thoughts.
    Nice to be in contact.

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