First Time Travel to Bandung Indonesia

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Bandung Trip

My first time in Bandung. No idea what to expect instead of its reputation of being a shopping central and a University belt. We stayed in a villa in Dako Kantor or simply translated as “town uphill”.

Compared to other cities of Indonesia. Bandung’s weather is cooler and people come here to relax.

My first impression is this place is like a Baguio of the Philippines. It’s cold and a lot of coniferous trees like pine trees. There’s a lot of tall trees around. There’s a lot of small Muslim temples around as Islam is predominant religion in here.

Day 1: Kawah Putih and Lakeside Glamping

Our first destination today was Kawah Putih. It’s a volcano eruption site about 2 hours scenic drive from Bandung Town. We rented a bus since we are a group. Took is about 1.5 hours from town.

Bandung travel, travel blog Bandung Indonesia, Kawah Putih
Me with the Sulfur Lake background

It’s beautiful and cool in here. There’s an entrance fee of 70,000 Rupiah per person this includes a 10 min ride to the site itself.

You need to come here very early as the temperature goes up after 10am. It’s cooling in this place. But if you are pregnant (like me) and have a breathing problem you can’t be here for a long time.

You can buy cheap fruits here like strawberries and grapes as it’s a mountainous area and a lot of farm here.

Lakeside glamping

20 minutes away from Kawah putih is the lakeside glamping where we had our dinner. On the way there, you can enjoy the sight of tea plantation. It’s very refreshing and pleasant to the eye.

Once we reached there There’s a big ship dining place overlooking the lake.

People can camp here. But if you don’t want to camp you can just eat and enjoy the day.

After that SHOPPING!! There’s a lot of factory outlet in this town. That’s the reason they called it “Little Paris of Indonesia.”Managed to get some cute tops for Summer.

At night we ate at a huge food court with a lot of local food called Daskal Food market. This as about 40min away from town.

Day 2: Floating market Lembang

Great for families with young kids. They have mini floating market and a lot of entertainment for kids.

Day 3: Church, rest and shop and food trippin

Don’t miss out cheap and yummy avocado shake if you are in Bandung!

Day 4: Check in to Green Forest Lembang and La Fresa Strawberry Picking

It’s Summer’s first strawberry picking experience she’s on the moon!!

Day 5: Dusun Bambu

A family friendly place.


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