Free Things to do in Penang Hill

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If you go up in Penang Hill there is a saying :

“You’ve never been to penang if you never been to Penang Hill”

Obviously just a catchy marketing strategy but to me it is true. Penang Hill Trip is not complete without going up to this little paradise in Penang.

Take a taxi from Georgetown to Penang Hill . Go to the counter and buy round trip train ticket. (You can also hike if you are fit to do so around 3 hours going up)

Foreigners : 30 rm round trip

Locals : 10rm round trip

Kids below 3 are free.

Once you are up, there’s a lot of things to do there for free:

1. Take lots of beautiful and scenic photos

2. Look for monkeys free roaming around the hill.

There are two monkeys you can see in the hill generally. First is the Dusky Leaf monkeys, they are black in color and can be found in the trees. They forage food in the trees and not in the ground. The second type are the long tailed macaques, unlike the dusky leaf monkeys, they are aggressive and look for their food in the ground. Be careful with this type of monkey as they may snatch you food as you walk.

3. Admire Different Flouras around the Hill

If you are a nature lover like me, you’ll love penang hill!

4. Walk up to the Monkey Cup

From the upper hill station you can walk to this place for about 30 minutes breeze walking. There’s a team that can take you to this place for 30rm good for 60pax. But if you want to exercise and sweat a bit forget about the tram and start your own nature walk! You’ll end up tired but full of oxygen and all good benefits from forest nature walks.

5. Visit the Hindu and Muslim temple of Penang Hill

6. Visit the guard house that transformed into a little museum

Learn a bit of the hills history in this museum. After walking in the temple walk further up and you’ll see this. We taught it’s a private place at first but turned out it’s not and it’s free for public!

7. Eat Penang Local food

After a tiring walking and sight seeing, there’s a food court that sells different local food and even yummy pretty desserts.


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