Green School Bali

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I’m so blessed to have the chance to visit this place called GREEN SCHOOL in Bali. It’s about 1 hour drive from Kuta and we signed up for a tour they are conducting in the morning for 2 hours. Even though we are in a rush because our flight is in the afternoon that day, I make sure we made it!

Since we started to embrace nature in our parenting I got so interested in this school after watching a ted talk by it’s founder John Hardy. The school was founded in 2010 and now with 400 enrolment this school is gaining a lot of attention for all good reasons.

I felt so inspired after visiting the Green School. They have classrooms made out of bamboos and their playground are in the woods, rivers, grasses, muddy puddles. Kids are being taught how to do gardening and how to recycle and take care of the environment along with learning maths English and science.

Everything in the school is made out of natural materials or recycled ones. It’s child-led, holistic and wall-less education every mom can dream for their child. They have a choice to what subjects they want to study except for few mandatory classes. They even have yoga bamboo area where kids are encourage to exercise and meditate daily. Yes it’s expensive school (it’s an international school) but they help local students around by encouraging them to pick up plastics that can be recycled into exchange of free English / art classes. How cool is that? Wish Summer can be in this kind of school one day.

Classrooms. Though they have rooms for each classes they don’t stay here often. Teachers will bring them to the forest , to the rivers etc. They will be here only with extreme weather. During the tour the leader briefly told us about one of Aim of the school. It is SUISTANABILITY. They wanted to teach kids how to live sustainable lives by being an example. Sustainable when it comes to food consumption, electricity and even sustainability when it comes to people lifestyle.

Here’s their main hall. There’s no building here with concrete walls. All the halls are made of bamboo. I love nature walks and after the 2 hour tour I felt like I went to an easy forest hike/ trek and not tour a school. The school has lots of trees, plants with greens everywhere.

The kids in this school is being taught mindfulness. What a great skill to practice and I believe it is really needed in this generation where distraction abounds.

you can sign up for a tour in their website Green School Website.




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