Lantau Island Hongkong

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On our third day we decided to visit Lantau Island.

Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong and this is where you can find the famous Tian Tan Buddha or Big Buddha (one of the most famous monument in Hong Kong ).

Usually visitors will take Ngong Ping 360 cable car and a coach to reach the Big Buddha and Poh Lin Monastery but unfortunately during our visit the cable car was under maintenance.

We needed to take a bus 23 from Tung Chung MRT station (orange) all the way to the Big Buddha (45 minutes).

The Big Buddha (Tian Tan) is a large bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni about 34 meters tall. They called it Tian Tan Buddha because it’s base is modelled from the Temple of Heaven altar in Beijing. We managed to visit Temple of Heaven during our last Beijing Trip .

So here’s the challenge, we needed to climb 268 steps to reach the top. We have our stroller with us and there was no place that you can leave your things and get a tag or something.

What we did? We just left the stroller in the little corner and climbed with little Summer (17 months old) .

Thanks God the stroller still there when we went down.

Me and my husband take turn to carry Summer and sometimes we let her walk few steps but she’s too active and it makes us feel more tired so we carry her more than she walk.

She’s almost 10 kilos so we dont want to use baby carrier. Carrier now a days makes my back more painful. Some tips for parents bringing your kids

  • Don’t bring heavy things up
  • Bring snack and drinks as it’s really tiring to go up

It’s worth it when you reach the top! The view was fantastic. It’s February and the weather is cool but not so cold. The hill and mountain view make this place extra ordinary.

Big Buddha Hong Kong

The offering of six devas

These statues are praising and making offering to Tian Tan Monastery.

After going down and checking out Poh Lin Monastery we decided to Check out Ngong Ping village to have lunch.

after lunch we walk around, bought some souvenirs, took few photos and went to the bus station and went back to Tung Chung MRT station.


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