Ipoh Malaysia Travel Tips

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I’ve been to Ipoh many times so I’m excited to compile these photos and write something about this incredible state of Malaysia. Previously a tin mining state, this little Charm is called “Land of Millionaires” as a lot of rich families reside in here.

Ipoh malaysia blog
My mom posing in Padang Ipoh

I live in Penang and they said Ipoh is a laidback version of Penang. Couldn’t agree more. Fewer buildings, fewer malls and job opportunities but the same vibe when it comes to Culture and history.

Good food though many argues about which food is yummier.

Here’s my list of things to to in Ipoh :

1. Visit the old town and admire the charming heritage houses

Ipoh has this rustic feels that can make you pose like a pro like I did below. Some of the rustic houses were converted into hipster cafes and cute shops.

2. Mural Art Hunting

So this is something similar to Penang. Ipoh had also these mural art in their streets except it is lesser and smaller compare to those you can find in Penang. Still it is a fun thing to do as you explore the old town of Ipoh.

3. Visit Concubine Lane and Market Lane

Most busy in the morning this vibrant historical lane offers a lot more than what you think. They have souvenir shops, mini museums and different interesting shopping surprises.

4. Food Hunting

Last but not the least is FOOD. If you think of Ipoh food is the first thing that will come to our mind right? Yes at least for me. Their food is amazing only if you are adventurous enough to try😉😋😇

  • Probably the most famous eating place in Ipoh – Nam Heong is known to be the birthplace of Old Town Coffee – now a famous coffee brand and restaurant that can be found all over malaysia. Come her for lunch and you won’t regret it!
  • Try their Ipoh hor fun, Egg tart and don’t forget the white coffee!! I’m hungry already.

Lou Wong is known for their chicken rice with beans sprout. They also serve yummy local dessert caramel custard. You must try this especially if you are first time in Ipoh.

What to eat in Ipoh

Yummy Curry Mee
XIN QUAN FANG – is known for their aromatic and flavourful Curry Mee. Compare to my husband I’m not really a fan of curry Mee but when I tried this… hands down I’m now part of the club baby! You can let them separate your meat. The meat taste like a “lechon” it’s super yummy.

Last but not the least people go to Ipoh for their Beancurd! Go to Big Mama Beancurd to try this yummy dessert.

5. Visit the caves

There’s a lot of caves in Ipoh. You can visit

Gunung Lang Recreational Park

Gunung Lang Recreational Park

Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village

Kek Look Tong Cave Temple – this has a wow factor. Don’t miss this one.

6. Buy Special Delicacies

  • Charbroiled Hiang piah – this is my favourite and the one I always buy when I visit Ipoh.
    • Salted Chicken
    • Peanut Candy- this is one of Ipohs specialty. Always try to ask for the newly baked peanut candies. Try this one
    • White coffee
    • Kaya Puff
    • At first I am not convinced that kaya puff can be special until a friend from Ipoh gave me one of these. Forget about kaya puff you tried in Singapore, try this and you’ll know what I mean❤️
  • Hope this is helpful and enjoy your Ipoh trip😇
  • Xoxo, Jackie
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