Hidden Turtle Beach of Penang


Finally we made it to Turtle Beach on our Off day which is usually Mondays . It means fewer tourist! yay!

We are frequent visitor of Monkey beach but never set foot to turtle beach before. Monkey beach is just 10-minute boat ride away from Turtle beach. From the entrance of Penang National Park you can get a package with some of the tour company there.

The normal price for turtle beach and monkey beach boat round trip is 150-160rm for 1 boat and it’s good for 8 pax maximum. 80rm if monkey beach only.

Turtle beach in penang national park
Turtle beach in penang national park

It is not allowed to swim here for safety reasons. They said there’s a lot of jellyfish plus because they don’t want the natural habitat of the turtles to be disturbed . The beach is very clean and not a lot of tourist.

Turtle beach penang, Turtle beach in penang national park
Summer and Daddy Louie feeling the sand

So one of the main attraction here is the turtle sanctuary. You can see different sizes of turtles here including hatchling. This place aims to educate people how to help save turtles and not harming their natural habitat. It’s really interesting and educational specially if you are with your kids.

Turtle beach in penang national park
Looking for the baby turtles
What to do in Turtle beach in penang national park
Look here they are!
Things to do in Turtle beach in penang national park
So adorable little endangered species!

Toddler in Turtle beach in penang national park Turtle beach penang National Park

Lovely mushroom specie near Turtle Beach

Beaches in penang Turtle beach in penang national park

Turtle beach penang National Park
Love from the Team Uy

This boat and its captain was patiently waiting for us for 40 minutes.

penang national park forest

The Hill Forest as the backdrop as you stroll in this undisturbed beach. All your worries and stress will be absorbed by these trees I promise!

Pantai kerachut Beach

The photo above is a camping site. You need to get permit from the National Park in order to camp here. It has a lot of mosquitoes though so prepare your bug spray specially if you are planning to have nature walk around the camping site. From this site there’s a trail going to meromictic lake but we chosed to walk the beach because we forgot to bring mosquito repellant.

Walking towards the Lake from the Turtle Sanctuary. The little one was tired so the daddy needed to carry her. It was a hot day so we are ended up being so thirsty. Make sure to bring enough water as there’s no shop here at all unlike monkey beach.

Untouched beautiful beach to the right is where the sea water and the fresh water meet and form a lake.

Memomictic lake in penang national park
Natures wonder Meromictic lake in Asia

Just a few minutes walk from the Turtle Sanctuary is the Meromictic Lake. This is a very special lake because it comes and it goes depending in the season. They said that this is a natural phenomenon wherein the sea water and fresh water from the rain both have different density comes together to form a lake. They do not combine so it becomes a layered lake. Quite cool yah?! Sounds like the “Dead Sea” except this is not permanent.

Dividing the sea and the lake is this beautiful bridge. The end of the bridge will bring you to the jungle.

Memomictic lake in penang national park Bridge just beside Memomictic lake in penang national park

Only thing set back was the boat waiting for us and some will rush too. They just give us 30- 40 minutes max to stay in the beach. The time is usually enough for most of tourist as you don’t need to swim but not for me because I want to take photos and I needed more time.

After turtle beach they sent us to monkey beach where swimming is allowed so you can tell them what time you want them to pick you up. You can ask them to come back around 7:30pm maximum.

And we are back in our favourite monkey beach! Not much tourists around compare to Batu Ferringi. It was an amazing day for us because we caught a lot of crabs even caught 2 jellyfishes. We swam and built sand castles. As usual we collected pretty shells and dug some clams for dinner . Yum!

We pitched an automatic tent as we stayed there for about 4 hours. As we are sitting in our tent, two big horses came and try to go near our tent as if they want something. I think they are hungry and looking for food. Luckily, we manage to stay calm and just signalled our hands to let them go away and they did! What a relief.

Though being with a toddler in all our trips are challenging, it is possible and it can be done. The the joy they can bring is just immeasurable .

The benefits of bringing your child to nature trip are amazing! These books motivates me a lot when it comes to the importance of outdoor play and open-air learning :

4 comments on “Hidden Turtle Beach of Penang”

  1. Great pictures and what a wonderful experience for you all. I think it’s important that children are exposed to things like this and the importance of conservation. Plus – turtles are amazing creatures!


  2. wow, the pics you have clicked are awesome i must say very nice time and shot, these pics are amazing and touch the heart, i wish i could be there and touch them little turtles, wow you would be having a great experience there,
    keep posting such a nice pics i would love to see more.


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