Day Trip in Vigan City

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After spending 4 days in our Ilocos Norte Trip, we drove down to Ilocos Sur. We only had 1 day here before we drive back to Manial

Of course, Vigan is a must see city here if you have a limited time. We arrived at noon and it was really really hot but that didn’t stop us from exploring this historical city.

So here’s things to do when you are in Ilocos Sur for a day trip:


1. Eat Ilocano Delicacies

we went to Cafe Leona to have our lunch. I’m an ilocano who lived abroad for more than a decade that’s why I’m really excited to eat these delicacies.

  • bagnet
  • pinakbet (mix vege in bagoong)
  • langgonisa (sausages)
  • pinapaitan


There are also some hip and modern cafes there if you are tired of local dishes.

2. Admire Ancient Heritage Houses

In Vigan City, you can find preserved heritage houses built during the spanish colonial era. This city is considered as one of UNESCO Heritage Cities. You can take artsy and vintage photos here and just walk around shopping some local products made of wood and other native raw materials. Reminds me of Georgetown in Penang Malaysia.

3. Experience Kalesa ride


Before automobile, kalesa or horses with carriage was the common mode of transportation here in Vigan. Now, it still exists and we used them to go around the city. For a certain cost of course. Very memorable and exciting experience for the kids.


4. Pottery Class

It’s my first time to try molding a clay and turned it into a pot. It was surreal! Managed to do one. My 5 year old niece also tried it.

Outside the pottery house was a souvenir shop where we bought some pasalubongs. Higly sought after products in Vigan were.

  • Blankets made locally. They are cheap and durable. You can get as low as 250 pesos for double.
  • Locally fermented vinegar
  • Bagnet (salted fried meat)

5. Visit Bantay Bell Tower

San Agustine Church commoly known as Bantay Church has a bell tower In the top of a small hill. It’s quite unique because usually the fascade and bell tower of church are closely built but not in this case. Rich in history, this bell tower is open for tourist to climb and ring the bell upthere.

You also cannot miss the fantastic view on top.


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