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Kyoto with Baby Love

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This was our first stop to our 10-day Japan trip. Summer just turned 1 year old and this was her birthday trip.

Some of you might be rolling your eyes that she won’t probably remember everything but well of course she won’t remember anything but we will. We did enjoy her and enjoy the moment that we are explored the world with her.

It’s summer here in Japan. It’s super hot but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying this country.

We flew to Osaka and go straight to Kyoto. We stayed around Yamashina station few stops always from main Kyoto station.

Here’s our 10- Day Japan Itinerary:

Day 1-4: Kyoto and Nara trip

Day 4-6: Kanazawa Trip

Day 6-8: Tokyo Trip

Day 8-10: Osaka Trip

Day 1: August 21 Sunday

• We arrived 8pm in Kansas Airport

• Exchanged JR Pass in airport itself. We got 7-day unlimited pass as we are going to Kyoto- Osaka- Kanazawa- Tokyo. Get this if you will need to travel from city to city.

• Buy ticket to Kyoto – ICOCA /haruka : kansai one pass (trial) – it’s a parks fee unlimited so no need buy one by one cheaper

• Settled dinner in Airport. We just bought packed dinner in a mini mart.

There is Kansas airport limousine bus  in 1st floor of arrival area to Kyoto Station but we took train. We travelled straight to Kyoto but when we reach Kyoto station, the MRT was already close so we needed to take taxi to go to Yamashina.

• Check in hotel (yamashina station)

Day 2: Kyoto Station

We started the day exploring Kyoto station. This is where you can find  Kyoto Tower and lots of big malls. After exploring Kyoto Station we went Nishiki market. I read somewhere that this market is great.

Its very sunny in Kyoto as we are in the end of Summer, We needed umbrella as we walk in the streets.

Me and my little one striking a pose in one of bench of a house.

The mighty Kyoto tower

Nishiki market Kyoto

We took a bus from Kyoto station to Nishiki Market. You can find a lot of different Japanese products here. Snacks, fruits, souvenirs, sashimi, sushi and a lot more. It’s cool to just walk around, smell the aroma of the grilled fish and soak in to the culture of Japan.

First thing I noticed about Japan- there’s a lot of water fountain like the photo above. People wash their faces on it and some drinks it too. Also as we walk along the market, you can see a lot of small temples.

Day 3 : Fushimi Inari Shrine (oranges poles) and Nara

10-min walk from Fushimi Inari Station, (Keihan line) you’ll reach this very famous shrine.

If you have small kids don’t attempt to bring your stroller as it will not work here. This place had lots of stairs. Use your baby carrier or get an umbrella type of stroller that is light enough to carry.

From Fushimi Inari we went straight to Nara. There’s direct train to Nara. I made separate post as it’s too much photo. Check it out here: Nara Half Day Trip

Day 4: Arashiyama / Bamboo Groves

• Tenryu-ji Temple – Arashiyama

Summer and Daddy enjoying the famous Bamboo groves.

Day 5: Hieizan Enryakuji Temple

Its our last day in Kyoto and we decided to Explore. This place was not in our itinerary but its so fun to just pick something that you never heard before.

Enryakuji Temple is located in Kyoto’s eastern mountain range on Mount Hieizan. It cost us 700 yen for entrance to all three areas.

Tips when bringing a 1-year old in Japan:

1. Bring your baby stroller. I read a lot of blog that says don’t bring a stroller because there’s a lot of stairs, I disagree because Japan is so baby friendly that they built a lot of paths for baby stroller. Plus it helps me a lot when my baby need to sleep and we are still in the middle of a tour. (Except in the oranges poles shrine like what I said earlier)

2. Bring your baby carrier. There’s place that you can’t bring your stroller so this is your alternative.

3. Brings a lot of snack in your bag. You can save lots of money and hassle.

4. Mosquito repellant is a must. Lots of beautiful garden in Japan means bugs and mosquitoes too.

5. Enjoy the toilets!! It’s so clean and comfortable and techs. The most baby friendly toilets are in Japan. I can even say that if you want to have a solo trip with your baby in Japan it is easy

Bye see you in Kanazawa!

Though being with a toddler in all my trips are challenging, it is possible and it can be done. The the joy they can bring is just immeasurable .

The benefits of bringing your child to nature trip are amazing! These books motivates me a lot when it comes to the importance of outdoor play and open-air learning :

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