5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Penang, Malaysia 


So it’s my birthday today. Yay!
I want to be extra grateful today. I decided to rediscover #Penang – the city where I’m currently living.

For those who are not familiar in #Malaysia Penang is located in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. It is 3 hours drive up to the border of Southern Thailand and 4 hours away from the Capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. You can take bus from KL or any part of malaysia to Penang.  

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Malaysia is predominantly Malay but Penang is one of the few State of Malaysia that has high population of Chinese. It is known for its awesome food and amazing beaches. 

What I like about Penang is that whatever kind of traveler you are there’s is always something for you here  – city, culture, beach, mountains/ hiking, old heritage charm, extra ordinary food. You can find it here in this Little island. Believe it or not! 

When I first came to Penang, the first thing I noticed was the hills!! There’s a lot of hills around the island. So hiking is very common activity here. They said you have never been to penang if you havnt visit penang hill. 

Took this view from the tallest hill : PENANG HILL

Most of the time my husband and I will travel somewhere out of town or overseas on our birthdays. This time I just want to be in Penang. 

I will be a tourist here just for today. No celebration, no food preparation , no party. 

I want to be contented and grateful that I am living here in this beautiful island. Yes it’s really beautiful and I want to remind myself that. 

Have you heard of Peranakan Tiles?

So I want to welcome you to the sunny Penang. Here’s reasons why you should come and visit.

1. Nice arty Cafes (often cheap) 

Started my day by going to a nice cafe in town area. Had coffee and awesome breakfast with my family. We went to Secawan n Such in Hutton Lane. My friend brought me once and I liked it so I came back. 

Yummy😋 This cost us about about 5$usd 

I feel blessed living in penang because there’s a lot of beautiful , affordable and incredibly delicious and excellent cafes around. 

This coffee is so pretty I don’t want to drink it😂 only $3usd 

We decided to do cafe hopping around penang too. And I’m so impressed with different cafes I discovered!

This mural can be found inside Secawan and such. 

This place is called “Coffee Addict”. You must come here if you are in Penang. 

Another nice cafe in Georgetown called Maccalum Connesier

If you want to go more local, there’s Dim Sum a lot of restaurants around the area. 

Don’t ever leave Penang without trying these!!!

After an awesome brekkie, we Just walked around and become more interested in the little beautiful old houses and the murals around. 

2. Georgetown Art street and murals 

Here are some of the murals you can see in Georgetown :

We are living here for 1.5 years now the only time we go around is when we have visitors that we want to bring around. So today is just us our own time rediscovering penang. And I’m loving it. 

There’s a lot of murals like these around Georgetown and im glad to discover different piece rather than the famous ones. 

3. Beautiful Rustic Old Houses 

Wait is this a doll house or something? Nope it’s a shop house. Most Chinese family in the olden days will live in the second floor of their houses while their shop or business is in the ground floor.

Colours everywhere my eyes were feasting! 

These house designs makes me think about how the olden days value aesthetics and arts. Most of Modern day houses now are just boxes  literally:(

Look at those windows! I’m a lover of vibrant colours and I’m absolutely falling in love with my place of residence. 

The charm of old rustic architecture is just irresistible. Don’t you think?

So this picture was taken when we are about to go back home. I look at an ordinary house near our Parking lot and I said what  stunning door! I told my husband to wait for me and quickly snap this beautiful.- Look at those colours !! This photo alone needs its own blog post. 

After walking a bit, we decided to go to Fort Cornwallis. Foreigners need to pay 20ringgit per person but because we are working here we only need to pay 10ringgit. That’s the good thing about touring  your own place of residence❤️

Fort Cornwallis is the largest standing fort in Malaysia build in 18th century. It is a UNESCO Heritage Site too. 

This photo above is inside the chapel you can find in the fort.

4. Food are amazing!

So I live abroad for the last 10 years now and been travelling around quite often. I’m telling you Penang is one of the best place you can get cheap and so yummy and tasty food!!!

If you will ask me to go to Penang just for food and not for any sight seeing.. I will definitely go with you!!

My all time favourite Indian food- Tandoori Naan
The most famous Of them all! -Penang Char Koay Teow
Tosai Cheese!! You must try this!! OMG
The Koay Teow Thing

Last but not the least … This is really delicious. 

Assam Laksa. You should not miss this when you are in Penang:) it is so unique to me and so rich in flavour. The soup is based on a fruit called Assam that is really sour.  When I first came to Penang I don’t like this, it taste so foreign and so different. But as I try it again and again I fell in love! 

5. Beach! Beach Beach anywhere around the island❤️

Penang is an Island so you can find a lot of beaches around. 

Batu Ferringi Beach

You can do water sports in Batu Ferringi. Jet ski, parasailing , banana boat , kayaking. It’s really fun. I tried parasailing for few times now. Do it when at Sunset . It’s really beautiful!!

Took this Pic in seafood restau called Tsunami Village

Truly I am grateful that I can live here and God has given me the opportunity to be here.

Thank you G❤️

Xoxo , J

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