Day trip in Mūi Nè, Vietnam


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It’s a beautiful day and the team we’re all excited because we are heading to Mũi Né a coastal fishing town in the Bình Thuận Province of Vietnam. We decided to have a day trip.
It is my first time here and I only know we are in to a hot and dry “desert” place that looks good photos. I’m looking forward to take decent photos of our trip.

We left HCM at 7am in our hotel , after an hour of driving we stopped  for breakfast.

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Our van was nice and comfortable. We brought lots of snacks to last 5 hours of road trip. We sang songs, cracked jokes and zzzzz slept a lot too.

Glad summer had a great sleep last night as she totally in good mood. No whining at all. At 9:30am she already fell asleep on her own.

We hired a van tour that will bring us to Mui né – a 13-seater van to fit all. It cost us 195 USD for 10pax.
It includes:

1. HCM- Mui Ne (round trip)

2. Two cool jeepneys to send us to 4 places

  • Seaview Seafood Lunch
  • Sand dunes
  • fairy stream
  • Fishing village

The tour doesn’t include :

  • Breakfast lunch and dinner
  • ATV ride ( 1million dong (50usd) for 3 pax)
  • sand boarding ( 20,000 dong (1usd) each for 30min)

Our driver is the greatest overtaker so we are always ahead of schedule .

First stop SEAFOOD Lunch! This place is highly recommended. Nice view and great sea food. The weather here is not so hot and humid like HCM. It is hot but windy.

Mui Né is famous for their seafood so you should try it when you’re here. It’s yummy!

My mom and hubby lovin their jeepney ride. Green is cool right??


me and my hat.

This is our lunch view. Plus imagine a very strong wind blowing against my cheeks. No wonder this place is famous for their windsurfing and kite flying. Too bad didn’t have the chance to try it out. I’ll be back for sure.

After lunch, we went straight to White sand dunes and man the view was amazing!!! We drove along the beach with our cool jeeps.

It was so beautiful! Don’t even know that this place exist in Asia. I felt like I’m in the Middle East or something.

Me trying to drive the ATV for the first time!! Super fun you must try this one! I screamed like I’m giving birth lol.

I’m grateful to travel with my husband all the time.

Me striking a pose while holding my hat because the wind was too strong.

Lovely amazing view up there but the sands are everywhere because of the wind. We needed to put sunglasses 😎. There’s Norah one can survive being there for 5 minutes without one. Also one thing I learned was that I needed to wear long pants or tights and a Long sleeves the next time I will go. Why? Because it’s like a sands storm in there.

So if you are not brave enough to drive the ATV, you can opt to ride these black jeepneys to the sand dunes.

Saw this nice pond below the white sand dunes. Summer was taking her nap when the time we are in the sands. At first I want to bring her up there in the “desert ” but we decided not to since she’s sleeping and not sure if she can take the sands. True enough, the wind was super strong and its like raining not water but sands. Definitely not for toddlers much more not for babies.

My mom and her ended up resting with these hammocks . We needed to pay 10,000 dong or about .50 cents USD. Love it! Thank God for hammocks! You can find hammocks everywhere in vietnam. It’s very common as Vietnamese love to take naps and thats amazing!


Next stop Red Sand Dunes

So the red sand dunes is much smaller than the white. You don’t need a jeep or an ATV here .Just walking will do. The main activity here will be Sand Boarding.

Since the wind here is not like the white one, we figured it is kids friendly. So Summer can join us. Yay! She’s so thrilled playing over the unlimited red sand.


Summer had fun playing and running in the sand. She found a little cup and put sand on it, pour it again and again.

The above photo was was me trying sand board for the first time. The local water vendor will couch you and will push you to make sure you have an awesome ride of your life. In return you need to buy a bottled water to him, which is not bad.

I am grateful that I can be in this place, enjoying God’s creation with my family and friends. Building wonderful memories together. 



“Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the seainform you. Which of these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this? In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.” (Job 12:7-10)

Finest sand that kissed my feet so far❤️

Me trying to be a photographer! Who will not be inspired to be a professional photographer if you are in this’s place? To those who loves taking photos, please do come here soon!!!

After that They drove us to the fishing village but the tour guides don’t want us to stop there. Maybe they are rushing and also the smell was really bad so I told the driver to just give me a minute to snap some photos of the place. Of course he said yes!

My first time to see a circle shaped 🚣
After that we went to Fairy stream

Didn’t know what expect in this place but hey it was gorgeous!

If we came much earlier  we have a chance to ride ostrich but because it’s already almost 6pm so they were closed.

The place is 20 minute walk of fine sand in the shallow waters. My friend says no wonder it’s called fairy stream because you seldom can find a little stream with a fine sand on it.

There’s cafe along the way and a mini zoo too. We didn’t manage to try as we have no time anymore.


Daddy and Summer in the Fairy Stream


Summer and her Lola Agnes at the back of the jeepney

After fairy stream we drove to the centre of Mud Ne and settled our dinner after that we started our 4 hours journey back to Ho Chi Minh. We reached before 12 midnight.

It’s been a long day but I’m grateful for the experience!

thanks for dropping by.


love, J

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14 comments on “ Day trip in Mūi Nè, Vietnam”

  1. This surely looks like a great family outing , mui ne like looks awesome. When I head to Vietnam 🇻🇳 will surely try this. And the pics look so much fun


  2. This outing seems like so much fun! Traveling with family is always a great experience… Your pictures are amazing! It makes me want to take a road trip to Mūi Nè too 🙂


  3. Oh the sand dunes look awesome! i have been to the fairy streams which look quite cool too. And omg the food looks amazing. I’m very much in love with Vietnamese food!!!


  4. I love all of your photos and what beautiful sand! My husband and I visited Vung Tau in 2012. He had not been back to Vietnam since he was there during the war. It left him very unsettled but when he revisited he was glad that he did and enjoyed his time. We will be visiting again.


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