When the beach says “I love you”


So beautiful isn’t?
I came back recently from my trip to Western Australia and had my best reflecting times in this beach. It’s for our junior staff retreat in church. Oh man I just love Australia, people there are just blessed to have amazing and breathtaking sceneries.

That trip was so special because it makes me more grateful and feel loved. I don’t know but theres just something about the sky and the blue water that relaxes me. It’s like every time I see a wonderful beach or a mountain I feel someone is telling me ” I love you”.  Not those words itself but the feeling of security, warmth and freedom.

I believe it is one of the way God tells us that he loves us and he created this delightful world for us.

Taken one of the morning I had my quiet time with the Lord

Beautiful things are God’s ideas. He is so creative and he wants to show that to us. I’m starting to believe that our nature has ability to heal us, not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually.



I read an article  that says being with nature helps the brain produce a chemical that is responsible for less stress and more empathy. This is short excerpt from the article:

The very sight of it (coast photo) , it turns out, subconsciously calms us, and Nichols cites a study (“Functional Neuroanatomy Associated with Natural and Urban Scenic Views in the Human Brain: 3.0T Functional MR Imaging,” to be precise) that shows how areas of the brain associated with less stress and more empathy are activated when we look at nature scenes. While pictures of urban landscapes elicited activity in the parts of our brains associated with stress, participants who were shown nature pictures had heightened activity in the parts associated with “positive outlook, emotional stability and the recollection of happy memories.”


This is the view from my veranda in SG. It’s beautiful don’t get me wrong. I love it. And I am grateful to have these view as well but Coming back to Singapore and work, my heart started to get worried and anxious again thinking of the things i need to do and accomplish. From the time I started checking my messages and setting up my appointments. I need to remind myself the things that I reflected in this place. So blogging this will help me for sure.

Where our worries are there our hearts will be. Do not be anxious. Instead be thankful (Philippians 4:6). I’m amazed how these words from the scripture get get so real and practical.

Also I have been learning a lot about Brene Brown’s research  recently and her datas are facts of how people’s struggled about being anxious today, not 2000 years ago.  But what I realized is that she found sort of proof what the bible really means. You see the word of God doesn’t just give us the way to eternal life… its more than that. The word of a God wants us to have A life, rich and satisfying life indeed. A wholehearted living.

John 10:10
The devil comes and steal, kill and destroy.I have come so they may have a rich and satisfying lives.

What does the devil want to steal from us? He wants us to be worried and anxious because he want to steal our hearts away from our true security. God.
He wants to steal our confidence.

He wants to steal our joy.

He wants to steal our worth.

You haven’t done enough.. you are not enough.. whatever you do, your life will never be satisfying as you wanted to be.

Those are just some of the few lies that he tells us every single day.
And these makes us ANXIOUS and WORRIED .. Restless.. Agitated..WORTHLESS.. Then comes stress.
Sometimes I get so familiar with these voices that it becomes normal… And I know I am not alone in this dilemma. A lot of men and women becoming more anxious and worried about life generally. And so I am or we are believing the enemy.

But then thats the time that i should engage my self in a BATTLE. FIGHT THOSE THOUGHTS. Without awareness, you will never know that enemy is attacking.
Part of living wholeheartedly for me, is to be aware of these and be in the battle .Distinguish the truth from all these lies. Knowing who you are – worthy and precious and unique. That’s just the truth no matter how every single part of your being says otherwise sometimes.

Plain truth.

You are beautiful, worth it, unique, gifted and special.

I have a life that is with a purpose. I want to be more grateful in my ordinary life and where I am.
Awareness comes from practicing calm and still. Though i believe it has a lot to do with nature. I also believe we need to change our perspective because this is internal battles. you can be in awesome breath taking places but not reflecting?
you will still be miserable. God give us the nature to help us to be calm and still but we must do our part.

Being alone in a place that i can see nature, reading my bible, praying or just simply journalling my thoughts down helps me to stay on the ground and grasp reality.

Beautiful reality about my life. So on saying that,

 Thank you God for my beautiful veranda and also thank you for the challenges that came as it makes me go to you and to people you put in my life. 

Ah!!! I can’t wait to go to the beach again and be with the nature!
love you all!

love, J

latepost: written September 2014

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