Reviving my heart through blogging


IMG_6243So this post is about why I decided to revive my travel blog again.

I had lots of travels this year alone almost every month some are work related and some personal short trips. As a young mother of a 21 month old baby, I think I travelled more than others at the same stage of motherhood as I am. On that note I am truly grateful that God has given me the flexibility in my job, strength to take care of an active toddler while travelling and working without a helper. Also I am super grateful to God for giving me an amazing husband who supports me not just as a mother to our child but supports my passions.

I love travelling and I love learning new things in the world that I can only experience through exploring. Imagine a life of routine and doing the same thing over and over again? I’m sure young moms like me can relate the most. Cook, bathe the kids, feed the kids, plays with the kids and repeat. Well I adore my kid very much and I love doing those things but there are things that makes us feel excited about life that are not about our kids. That’s just a fact.

I believe that our hearts stop to beat happily once we stop pursuing the things we really enjoyed doing.

So I decided to revive my heart through blogging my travels and my learnings and anything that I love doing.

Beginning of the year I visited Langkawi for the first time see my post 2 day 2 night Langkawi with 1.5 year old baby It was a short trip but it was so amazing and priceless moment. We also decided to spend our public holidays during Chinese New Year to go to Thailand. Hat Yai with 1.5 year old baby

You see I believe that traveling shouldn’t be expensive and long. It can be short but super fun. It also helps my little one not to be always inside the house and playing hand held devices or watching TV.

I recently just learn how to surf  see my San Juan, La Union Surfing Trip. Who says a young mother cannot discover new hobby? I’m super excited about it and looking forward for the next time. (Daydreaming about Krabi now laLala )

Going back, blogging is a way for me to organised my thoughts so does my life, my learnings. To express and appreciate things that comes and go. To filter and realized my feelings and emotions towards those experiences.
I hope you can find inspiration not just in my travels but through my experiences, mistakes and victories that I will be sharing in this Blog.

Thanks for dropping by and happy reading!

xoxo, J



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