Lovely Langkawi with 1.5 year old baby


It’s my first time to set foot in Langkawi. I heard so much about it since I moved to Singapore but didn’t have the chance to visit. We flew from Penang around 5pm and arrived langkawi before 6pm. It only took us about 30 minutes to fly from Penang to Langkawi. 

We got our return tickets around 200rm per person from airasia so its really cheap compare to 2 hour ferry that will cost you almost the same price. If you didn’t have chance to score a cheap flight you can always book your ferry from penang.  use Easybook to book your tickets to Langkawi if you are from Thailand or any part of malaysia. They are  very reliable. 
Anyways, In the airport we rented a car cost us 120rm for 2 days. Not bad at all.

We headed to our Hotel immediately to catch the sunset. And yes! We did manage to catch it.


Father and Daughter enjoying the sunset and the beach. It was so glorious I’m telling you! I want to go back there now. 

We enjoyed the 2 days sunset swimming and playing around. This might be one of  best memories I have with my daughter as 17 month old baby. Walking in the sand bar for the first time in my life was surreal. And oh Summer loves the sand bar! As she and her daddy who loves any animals (including insects) will walk in the sand bar looking for little crabs, star fish, sea shells, and many more sea creatures.



We decided to explore Kilim Geopark and it’s the best decision we had on this trip. We had so much fun! Without knowing what to expect we hired a private boat that cost us 150rm for 1 hour and they gave us a tour. You suppose to reserve in advance with them but because we came with free and easy itinerary we don’t know that. Just glad they have extra boat to accommodate us on that time.  That tour lead us to a wonderful bat cave with mangroves around, eagle watching, fish watching all we enjoyed very much.


We also had a great time in the boat just admiring the scenery, rock formation and just natural vibes surrounding the area. It was very refreshing. It is a good way for Summer to learn different things like boat, eagles, mangrove, bat etc. It is priceless especially you are with a toddler who have a sponge mind absorbing everything she see and discover.


Last stop before our flight will be this of course the Langkawi Geopark. This is where you can find the steepest cable car in the world. I’m telling you it was incredible, magnificent view. My words are so limited to describe the place you have to see it for yourself.

After exploring the Geopark we went down and visit 3d museum and skydive just because it was included in the package if you will buy the cable car ticket. But it is worth it as Summer had a great time in those places. Also we did some chocolate shopping as Langkawi is known from their Duty free shopping around the island.



Last but not the least, the reason why we are here for two days was to celebrate Louie’s (my hubby) birthday! the hotel provided a free birthday cake.  So good right?


Check out Tanjung Rhu Hotel. It’s a nice luxurious hotel. We got lucky we manage to get it at 70% of price because half of the building was in renovation that time. This is their hotel pool and view. A pice of paradise I promise you!

To sum it up, I had a great 2 days in Langkawi short and sweet birthday get away for my husband and I and Summer. I will surely go back! For now I will just be smiling to the fact that Langkawi is just a neighbour of Penang.

Till next time Lovely Langkawi!

xoxo, J

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