Hello Hong Kong with my 18 months old baby


IMG_8866.PNGFebruary 16-22 2017

IN KL airport waiting for our plane to Hong Kong
It’s our first time to Hong Kong so the parents are excited!!
Finally we reached HK! Hello summer:)

Walking around Mong Kok

By the time we reach the park the egglet is sleeping.
Our 1st day will be OCEAN PARK, we took bus 629 from admiralty station. cost us 10hkd per adult.
You can also use MRT to reach Ocean Park.

on our way to OCEAN PARK

We spent the whole day here. Summer loved the large aquarium as this kid is obsessed with fish!

Summer the fish lover.


Day 2:  Ngong Pin 360

We decided to go to Ngong Pin 360 but unfortunately their cable car was to operating due to renovation.

We get into a 45-minutes bus ride to reach. Ride bus 23 going to big buddha from Tung Chung station. You will not need to use this bus if the cable car is operating. But it was a great experience travelling up seeing the nice scenery around.

It was a fine day to explore not so much tourist when we arrived around 11am.

Some cows roaming around. Of course my animal lover husband couldn’t resist to take a photo when he saw them.

Beautiful Mountains around the place

So here’s the challenge, we need to climb 268 steps to reach the top. We have our stroller with us and there is no place that you can leave your things and get a tag or something.

What we did? We just left the stroller in the little corner and climb with little Summer.

Thanks God the stroller still there when we went down.



Me and my husband take turn to carry summer and sometimes we let her walk few steps but she’s too active and it makes us feel more tired so we carry her more than she walk.

She’s almost 10 kilos now so we dont want to use baby carrier. Carrier now a days makes my back more painful.


The view above was definitely worth it! It’s hot because we are there around 12noon but it’s windy



After going down, we walk to Poh Lin Monastery. Enjoyed the flowers and nice temple.

Beautiful Architecture.

It’s already 2pm and we haven’t had our lunch so we decided to get food in Ngong Ping Village. It’s nice to have a rest after a all those walks as they have cafes and souvenirs shops in there .


My favourite bubble tea. HongKong is famous for this too.


From Ngong Ping 360 we went straight to Victoria Peak, We catch a bus going up and planned to take tram going down. But unfortunately the queue was crazy so we end up taking the bus going down too.


Awesome sunset up there. It was not that cold but the wind blew so hard it bring chilly air.

Summer was not prepared for super chilly wind.


this is a mcdonalds in hong kong, you will see it is divided by cubicle to save space.

Day 3: Church and exploring Mongkok and Victoria Harbour

It’s a perfect night to explore Victoria Harbour.

Team Uys enjoying the city lights.

Went to the Harbour mall and walk for while while summer enjoying the deco of one of chocolate shops.

As we walk in the harbour, we stumbled upon this old clock tower. It was erected 1915 together as part of railway station. The train was no longer there but this tower remains as an important monument in Hong Kong. As we admire the clock, Summer was mesmerised by the lights from Cny deco that just passed.

Who goes to hong king without trying egg waffles???
From the harbour, probably 10-15minutes walk was this the famous Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles. My local friend said this is the most famous stall of egg waffles in Hong Kong and we needed to try it. It’s amazing!!


we had so much fun as this is summers first Disney experience! She’s exactly 20 months old this day by the way! Happy 18th monthsary baby girl!

Disneyland is surely a place you need to bring your kids and even young toddlers if you have a chance. Sumer had a blast! They had age limits and some recommendations for the age of your child . What i did is to do a research on what is recommended and what is not.



Fantasyland is l for the toddlers. There are 6 rides here that Summer really enjoyed : Disneyland Railroad, Dumbo, Cinderella’s Carousel, Mad Hatter’s Teacups, It’s a Small World, and the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

My ride recommendation for 18 months old baby all in Fantasy land area:

  1. Many adventure of Winnie the Pooh
  2. Dumbo (hubby sit with summer while i go to other car and video them)
  3. Cinderella’s Carousel (I sit with summer here with hubby take video of us)
  4. it’s a small world (this is our favourite)
  5. Mad Hatters teacup



Day 5: Kowloon Park and Shopping around Mongkok

So this is our last day in Hong Kong and we decided to have it free and easy. From our hotel we explore Mong kok and walk from there to Victoria harbour. Along the way we discovered Kowloon park and it’s free!

Roses in Kowloon Park

Flamingos is Kowloon park. Summer loves it!

We loved the park. There are different birds we can see around. We ended up staying there for couple of hours, just enjoying the cold weather about 18 degree celcius.

Me striking a pose in busy shopping district in Mong Kok.

While mommy was shopping around, daddy was catching rare Pokemon!!

We enjoyed Hong Kong! Will definitely be going back one day.
Love, J

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