Hat Yai with 1.5 year old baby

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January 2017

The queu in Thai immigration around 12pm.
So we decided to spend our Chinese New Year to Hat Yai this time of the year since our friend will be busy with their own families.

So we book out bus tickets on Easybook website. They are reliable and popular in Malaysia.

The bus itself was very comfortable as It was 4 hour bus drive  from Penang to the border but the queuing in the immigration took us 2 hours (blame it on the holiday)  Pew! I didn’t queue with Summer because it is very hot and crowded. Instead we just walk and eat ice cream while waiting for daddy to reach the front of immigration counter.

Take note though that queue for foreigners and Malaysians are different. Means if you are Malaysian you have your own line.


We Finally reached Hat Yai around 4:30pm and that’s 8 hours of travel instead of 4.

Well lesson learned do not travel on a public holiday using a public transportation. I suggest you go via private car to reduce the queuing part.

Never the less we are excited to explore the City that is considered the nearest part of Thailand from Malaysia.

Big Buddha in Municipal Park
In the afternoon of day 1 , we went up to the Municipal park. It  cost us 400 bath for a private tuktuk. You can bargain around this price. Summer enjoyed the ride as it is open and breezy. She can also stick out her head and see lots of things on the road.

Inside the tuk tuk we hired:)


City view from the top 


Flower and fruit arrangement to be offered to Buddha.
Summer enjoying the sounds of the many bells surrounding the temple


Buddhist Temple facing the city view


This the cable car that brought us to the other hill wherein theres another temple. 
The ride was great! The surrounding view was fantastic. It was so green and windy as the cable car is open-air. It’s not cheap though for non-thai, it cost ups 200 baht per person. Summer was free as she’s below 2 years old. Yay for that!


Most of the restaurant big or small has high chair available for Summer.

got these 2 cute shirt in one of shop in Asean Night Market 
So we went to 2 big night markets in Hat Yai. Greenway market and Asean Night Market. I am expecting a nice art market like at least similar to Chatuchak kind of thing (smaller of course) but its not its just clothes and cheap stuff that are all the same whether you go to Greenway or Asean.  If you would ask me, you dont even have to bother. I rather stay in my hotel and have a nice in house massage or something. But it is not bad at all to try and see it for yourself if you are first time in Hat Yai.

Oh if you want pre-loved clothes they have it in Greenway. In case that little info is helpful .

Summer was feeling sleepy as we stroll around Hat Yai

But when it comes to food I can never complain about Thai food. my favourite! Im happy that I was able to try some of my fave dishes. You should try this when you go to Hat Yai.

  1. Pad Thai- the best dry noodle dish in the world . Not every one will agree but you should really try this. Try the one in Greenway foodcourt, the stall is the last stall in the end of the hall. Hard to miss that as long queue all the time.
  2. Sticky mango – can’t resist this! It is everywhere in Thailand.
  3. Dumplings – not your ordinary dumplings. It has different kind of nuts inside as Hat yai is famous for their Nuts. Cashew, almond, walnut and what not!
  4. Tom yam for life – who goes to Thailand without eating a bowl of yummy tom yam soup?
  5. Chicken with Cashew Nut – its Hat Yai so lets try their nutty recipes! its Yummy i swear.


So this was the sunset view while we are on our way back to Penang Malaysia. It was smooth at the immigration and no traffic jam at all. However, Summer the last 2 hours of the journey just keeps on crying and whinny. oh well i’m just glad its ending. I just need to remember that traveling with toddler is not easy but it is always worth it.

We had a great time indeed.

Till next time Thailand!

Love, J

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