Singapore: The Little Manicured City

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Singapore is a tropical island in the southern part of Malaysia. About 680Sq Km in size about half of Hong Kong Size but has whopping 5.8 million inhabitants.

Previously a part of malaysia 50 years ago, this country grew so much economically after they got kicked out as one of State of Malaysia.

I lived in Singapore for 8 years and it is a second home for me. It is pretty small but the city is so clean, safe and like my title said, manicured. People are generally hard working and loyal and kind (at least for people I know)

Now that I’m a mom, I’m grateful that Changi Airport is the #1 Airport in the world! It’s amazing!The photo below was summers first visit in Singapore . Shes only 8 months. We are excited to go back here not for good but to be a tourist this time

Free stroller where you can put your hand carry bags! Love this!

Art station for kiddos!

And a butterfly garden!


Of course below is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino. Inside has big mall with high end shops and restaurants.

Singapore things to do, singapore photography
Helix Bridge
Singapore things to do, singapore photography, Singapore night view
Night View of CBD Singapore

The purple lotus architecture is the science museum. Inside the museum you can find different science exhibitions. They change it every few months . Here’s some of our photos inside!

From airport you can take the train ( MRT) and go to Bay Front MRT station (yellow line). You need to take greenline first stop to the nearest hello line to change.


Opposite the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is The Merlion at night. This Half tiger, half mermaide icon represents Singapore. Legends claimed that this creature existed long time ago.


Another view of the famous Marina bay sands. The ship- like architecture on top is an infinite pool catered for the hotel guest.



Loove this trees specially at night, we went there recently with my friends and watch their daily light shows.

These giant canopy super trees are dancing through the lights and shadows. This is just a walking distance from Marina Bay Sands and the best thing is it is FREE!

I’m amazed and in awe on how they did it. It’s not that I watched it for the first time. This is my third time I think, but everytime I watch it I am still fascinated.

The colors are changing every few minutes.

It’s worth to visit it once in a while.

Every night around 8pm is the light show in front of Marina Bay Sands. This is like 15 minutes light and fire show that both you and your kids can enjoy!

as someone who lives there I highly recommend these following places for you to visit:

  • Chinatown – this is where you can find all your souvenirs and amazing amazing food! Take Chinatown MRT in purple line.
  • Orchard – if you are into shopping and endless malls this is the place for you. Take MRT to Orchard station red line.
    • Bugis– This is where you can find Bugis street, a cheaper alternative to orchard shopping . This street offers lots of cheap clothes, souvenir and street food. Walk a bit and you will find the famous Arab street where chic and hip cafes abounds.
    • Sentosa – ride the train to Harbourfront station (purple line) walk in the direction of Mall and you’ll find the tram to Sentosa. Universal studios, beaches, casinos, SEA Aquarium, Adventure Cove are all here!

    • Singapore Zoo and River Safari – both worth it to visit if you have the young ones! These are the cleanest and most maintained zoo I’ve visited. Be prepared with the heat though.
    • Botanical Garden – for all nature lover like me, you should not miss this one.

    Food not to miss (some of my favourites):

    • Hokkien Mee
    • Minced meat noodle
    • Chilli Crab
    • Cereal prawns
    • Chicken wings (killer)
    • Of course , CHICKEN RICE!

    Enjoy Lah!


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