Singapore: The little manicured City

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imageI lived in Singapore for 8 years and it is a second home for me. It is pretty small but the city is so clean, safe and like my title said, manicured. This is summers first visit in singapore .Shes only 8 months.


The Merlion at night. This Half tiger, half mermaide icon represents Singapore. Legends claimed that this creature existed long time ago.



Another view of the famous Marina bay sands. The ship- like architecture on top is an infinite pool catered for the hotel guest.



Loove this trees specially at night, we went there recently with my friends and watch their daily light shows. Love that Singapore weather recently is very cooling.

These giant canopy super trees are dancing through the lights and shadows.
I’m amazed and in awe on how they did it. It’s not that I watched it for the first time. This is my third time I think, but everytime I watch it I am still fascinated.

The colors are changing every few minutes

It’s worth to visit it once in a while.

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