13 Tips in Preparing Your New Condo for Airbnb 


So you’ve been thinking about being Airbnb host recently? I know the feeling! It’s exciting but you don’t know what to expect really. I’ve been there and it’s very normal.

It’s been almost 2 years since I started my Airbnb Journey and now with 2 units up and running, I can say that I already gained the confidence that I need that indeed I can make this as my stable source of income. The last 2 year, I also gained Super Host Status for 5 consecutive assessments and now started co-hosting for others as well.

I did a learn a thing or two that I can share for those who want to start airbnb business. At first I have no idea what I am doing but soon enough I learned with my own mistakes and also with the help of other people’s advices.

I wrote two post about my learnings in Airbnb. You can check it out too for later:

So If you just got your keys and planning to open your doors to Airbnb guest from all over the world I’m super excited for you!

Sit down and lets talk:)

Again I’m not an expert and still a newbie in Airbnb but here’s the things you need to consider when you want to start :

  1. WATER AND ELECTRICITY – Once you receive your keys and accepted the unit, let the management start the water and electricity running in your unit. Change necessary mode of payment if you are the one paying the bills. Do you prefer it to be online or delivered to your mailing address where you live not on airbnb unit?
  • Tips from Experience: Since we are overseas and have my mom and other relatives manage our condos, we opt to doing the payment online its easier to make sure electricity is being paid on time. Having said that, this is Depending on your country if online payment is available on your country of course.

2. READY FOR OCCUPANCY APPROVAL -Is your unit ready for occupancy? Even though the keys are already with you, the management still have another regulation about your unit being ready to be occupied. Depending on the condo management, you need to provide their requirements. Mine are fire extinguisher, rangehood and a greasetrap installed. They will schedule a staff to check out your unit and once they give you the ready for Occupancy Approval then you are set to go! You can live there officially.

3. MAXIMUM OCCUPANTS -Asked the management how many people are allowed to live in your unit. Usually since condo unit nowadays are really small, the management set a limit to how many people can stay. Mine is 6 pax maximum. Though I think 6 is really really crowded already for a 20 square meter unit. Also ask them how many are allowed to swim for free if you are to make the unit an Airbnb listing. In my condo, no short term guest are free to swim. They all need to pay 100 pesos per person unless they are registered long term tenant.

  1. FIRE INSURANCE – They also required us to buy insurance that is billed yearly. This is depending on your condo management. This gives me more peace of mind especially if my unit is occupied by people I don’t know. This one is very important do not opt out.
  2. KITCHEN CABINET -If your kitchen cabinet is not pre-installed, then make sure to do that first before putting up your Airbnb listing. Small condos without kitchen will be a disadvantage for you as a host because kitchen is the big difference between you and the hotel nearby. I use Han Bee Interiors they just need a month to install and finish everything, they are good and reliable.

6. SIMPLE INTERIOR THEME – Decide on the theme. Industrial theme, ocean theme, minimalist theme or whatever you wanted. That will help you to decide what couch you are buying and what refrigerator color is. What is the cabinet color and tv console look like?

You don’t need to be expert but at least have a theme colour so it will look nicer specially you don’t have luxury of space in condos. Research how people design their tiny condos and be creative. This is the most fun part of being airbnb host.

  • Tip from experience : For me I print my own photos (my travels not faces) and framed it to make it more homely and personal.

If you dont have ideas what frames and photos to hang, check this unique and modern photos that you can print yourself.

Follow my Pinterest Group for ideas: Check it out here🙂

7. APPLIANCES AND FURNITURES -Buy the big appliances first that needs to be installed- aircon, bed (especially with the headboard that need to be installed) and washing machine. Then after that the smaller appliances, since you have a small space you don’t want them to come all at the same time. The biggest expenditure will be these things so If you don’t have enough cash, use credit card or borrow someones, slowly pay it with the rental that will be coming from airbnb. I promise it will pay off. As someone starting you don’t need to have expensive high end brands.

  • Tip from Experience: Make sure to buy a SMART TV, I have a lot of guest who prefers smart tv and will only consider the place if it’s has a smart tv. I made a very wrong decision when I bought a normal digital TV for my second unit, because the truth is theres a lot of choices nowadays and SMART TV is not much expensive than those normal led TV.
  • These are must haves for me:
  3. INDUCTION COOKER (Usually only induction are allowed in condos, so check with your management before buying)
  6. COFFEE MAKER (This is a must for some overseas guest)

To me these things are “must” to make my guest feel at home and not feel they are in another hotel.

  1. FAMILIARITY – Make sure to live there at least 2 days or more in order for you to know what sort of problem the new house has. You don’t want your guest to be the one who discover that first. My sink has a problem and its leaking and my first guest reported that to me. Not cool!

Tips from Experience: I didn’t live in my first unit so I got this questions and I got no clue I promise you. What time is your pool operating? what time is the grocery shop opening? These are little things your future guest will be asking you and you don’t want to not be able to answer that because you didn’t live there yet.

9. WIFI AND CABLE – Apply for the wifi and cable once your TV and TV console are installed. Before creating a listing, make sure you do this because sometimes, it take time for the network providers to come and set it for you.

10. AUTHORIZATION LETTER – Go to the management and inform them that your intention to put your unit in Airbnb listing.

They will ask you to provide an Authorisation Letter. Ask them a format and they will let you print it on your own. Every guest will be registered to the management office using this authorization letter that they need to verify and sign. If your management don’t need this, I think it’s still a good idea to give the guest Authorization letter because if there is a formal letter like this, usually guest will avoid to do something illegal in your place because they know that their name is registered in the management office. This letter will also serve as a gate pass for your Airbnb guest in the future.

  • Tips from Experience: Print a lot so you can just easily put in the name of your future guest. No need to trouble your future guest to print for themselves. I experience being a guest and I needed to print this for myself. It’s extra mile to just print it for them. Again this is depending on your condo management so you need to ask first before your first guest arrives.
  1. SURVEY THE NEIGHBOURHOOD: Whats nearest bus station, mrt station? What is the nearest laundry shop, spa, mall, restaurant, bank, hospital, pharmacy? Take down notes. Try to walk to see how far are these landmarks to your place. These information all will come handy once you started creating your listing. You will thank me for this!

12. PARKING – If you happen to have a parking on your own then that’s a big plus to your listing! You are one way ahead than all the others who don’t have. If you don’t have a parking (like me), you need to familiarize your self where can your potential guest park if they happen to have a car? Travellers from overseas might not need parking yes but Local people are usually the one who needs parking obviously. Research your own condo parking fees and its better if you park overnight yourself.I did that and I am more confident when I tell my guest how much really is overnight parking. Some condo charge ridiculously expensive overnight parking. If its too expensive, what is your alternative, is there a nearest parking lot that they can park instead? Again do the research before you create your listing and especially before your first guest comes.

13. CLEANER AND GREETER – The last and the most important question you will ask yourself. Who will clean after every guest? Who will do the laundry? Who will meet and greet the guest regularly? If you are the one, then try it with few guests first if it will work then good for you. If not you need to have someone that is more free to do so. Ask relatives or even trusted neighbour. If not you may need to engage Property Manager that will take care of everything you will be needing as Airbnb host.

Hope this is helpful. Comment below if you have more tips that I missed out. Thanks

xoxo, J

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