Hue, Vietnam

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So, we are in the third leg of our 5 H trip. We woke up early to catch the bus to Hue from Hoi An. Check out Hoi An trip Here

Hue is known as the home of the emperors and Empire capital  of Vietnam. It was once a capital city of Nguyen Dynasty 1802-1945. 

We just spent one full day in here before taking train to Hà Nội. Main place want to see is the river and the 19th century citadel.


We tried the sleeper bus from Hoi An to Hue about 4-5 hours.

 I love this trip, its very comfortable.. the scenery was very green with a lots of mountains. As my usual thing, its time for me to just stare at this view for hours while playing my itunes playlist. We also Pass by the famous  Vinh Moc Tunnels.



overlooking the perfume river. What a pretty river name. we pray together here😊

A beautiful tomb

We just reached Hue and our bus drop us near this beautiful park, we dont even know the name as the signs was all in viet. 

The heat of the sun was scourging but it didn’t hinder us to stop and take a look for a while.


Took our lunch first as its already 12 noon. and we are starving!! I’m excited to try different viet dish again.


Of course, my coffee again, with this special drip they commonly use here, I JUST LOOOOVED VIETNAM COFFEE!


This is Banh Xeo, delicious viet crepe with pork, shrimp and bean sprout , plus of course their usual mix of herbs that always amazes me, makes me think viet people must be very healthy.. im imagining this herbs as anti cancer, anti aging


Entrance of imperial citadel

So here we go, took a taxi from where we had our lunch and went straight to the former Palace for Emperors, this is the south entrance if im not wrong. I was a huge place and you should be ready to walk the whole day.


This is where the emperors appear to the public. That terrace itself or whatever they called that.. my bad I should have documented it.. sorry about that.

Imperial City


Lotus pond in the entrance of palace..

Since it’s a huge place they provide this for a minimal fee. 


one of the throwns..inside the palace



the end of the palace is this pavilion turned to a restaurant, we didnt eat here. After exploring the palace of the emperors, It just occur to me that maybe, just maybe why people present their food  very nicely is because they are from rulers of emperors…the grandeur, the royalty..whatever it is.. Like they are making every food for the emperors..Just a thought.


So as usual, we again found a place wherein we could sing songs and pray to God… In the middle of the palace and pavillions and concubine houses tombs etc, we found this empty garden.. its amazing … we are seeing again the benefit of having August as non peak month for our anniversary.

The forbidden Purple city with my dehydrated husband.. looking like a vietnamese.



This flower symbolizes the peace ive found in this quiet place..


Realization: Seeing how grand this kingdom was before, just makes me think no kingdom in this world last forever no matter how powerful that was.. no ruler will last..only one kingdom stands forever, kingdom that is in the heart, kingdom that God promise to endure forever thats kingdom of Christ.. ruling in our hearts..




 The only retreat I have was that we should have stayed longer. One day is not enough that’s for sure:)



took this train from hue to Hanoi…it was a last minute purchase so we didnt get the sleeper train.. sad, my advise book it ahead.

xoxo, J

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