Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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It’s our first time in Vietnam and i’ts our first year anniversary as married couple. This is the first leg of our 8-day trip, From Singapore we flew to Ho Chi Min, then flew to Danang (Hoi An) Hoi An Trip , took sleeper bus to Hue  then finally an 18 hour long train ride to Hà Nội and Halong Bay 
We reached Saigon at around 10am, check in to our cute hotel that  cost us only 20sgd for a night , then first stop- Pho 2000 for lunch where Bill Clinton dined for his Pho.

It’s First time I tasted pho bho it was delicious I fell in love. This place was where I tasted the most amazing ice coffee in the whole world. (im not exaggerating it’s really good)



After lunch we went to Ben than market and shop a bit, they sell a lot of coffee products,  textiles, souvenirs etc. It was quite interesting to see the culture in a market place.

After that we  went to the National Museum. Here’s the national musuem front  with me posing in it.

It was empty when we came, not a lot of people, the place was pretty run down and if you are not really in history, I advise you not to go if you are not into history but for us as first timers and who will be going from south to north in the next days, we want to understand a bit of viet history. so that was helpful.

and then eat in famous Viet style eating  beside the street with cute chairs and lots of local people around.
Only thing is you may need to be ready to run if police will come and ask vendors not to do their street food business as its not legal.


Went straight to the War Museum after a cold drink around the place.

DSC08426 DSC08408

It was a museum that tells you all about the war between US and Vietnam that leads to thousands of death and even right now they can still see the post effects of the war. My heart was broken when I started getting in to the details of the lives of people affected. I felt so sad.

In this war, the US troops did the Agent Orange Operation that simply means they sprayed chemical to the land wherein the Vietnamese soldiers might be hiding. This result to hundreds of thousands of killed or maimed people and wide spread birth defects subsequently.

It is a sad place but I got to see how evil this world can be. My heart went for those innocent victims and the children of the soldiers that are affected both US and Vietnam side.

While my husband was inside I went out and cried and decided to stop after seeing the rest of the exhibition. I’ve seen enough.


I’m grateful that I’m living in a time of peace.

We visited the Cathedral and it was a nice solemn Catholic church , took a lot of photos and went straight to the postal office that was also splendid.

vintage post office, and it is still operating until now with modern internet world..
vintage post office, and it is still operating until now with modern internet world..
We watch the water puppet show at night.. it was an experience, not my cup of tea for a theater but its definitely entertaining and unique. It cost us 100,000 Dong per ticket.


Ended our night by trying more local food.. I’m less than 24 hours in this city but Ive already fallen in love with their fooooood…

My unforgettable lotus rice dinner in Saigon
My unforgettable lotus rice dinner in Saigon

but oh well, there is no such thing as a perfect trip so the only set back we had in this trip is the cyclo scam.. Even though we are already warned, the cyclo driver charged us 250 thousand vnd instead of agreed price of 50 thousand, we got scared when they started got angry so we just gave and learned our lesson.. we enjoyed the ride anyway…

enjoying the breeze while on our way to war museum...
enjoying the breeze while on our way to war museum…

Enjoy Saigon and be careful 🙂

Follow us in our next trip to Hoi An Vietnam
Love, J

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