First timers thing to do in Phuket,Thailand

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January 16, 2011

So, we just got married and we are excited to go out of the country and celebrate my husband’s birthday. We pick Phuket Thailand since we heard a lot of good things about this place from his colleagues.

We decided to book our hotel in Patong beach ( Leelawadee Hotel) since its our first time and this is the crowded and most famous area in Phuket. We thought it a good starting point for first timers. 

According to the reviews there are more areas that are more secluded and quiet than Patong but both of us want to see the place and explore more after that. Turn out that yeah its a touristy area with a lot of bars and clubs.


We were  there for about 5 days.

What is best thing to do in Phuket? 

1. Massage- 1st day We had massage for about $20sgd bucks each kinda ex I know because we went to this nice massage parlor beside our hotel and there are other massage place that you can get half price of we paid. 
2. Thai Food – We Ate a lot of green curry and Tom yam plus of course Thai ice tea.

3. Joy ride with a Motor Bike – Rented a motorbike because for the first time I found out that my hubby drives a motorbike. Kinda cool and kinda dangerous.
We manage to rent it for about 300 baht for the whole day. It’s cheap. We roam around using that with our colorful helmet.

Since it is his birthday, (17th) we decided to go out at night and have a dinner in a nice restaurant.
I surprised him by singing for him 2 songs with the band in the restaurant. I secretly requested that to their manager. I need courage to do that yeah,, but I’m glad all the guest that night even the manager were encouraging and supportive, the manager even gave us a free ice cream cake that night.


The restaurant name is Tiger restaurant if I’m not wrong. (Highly recommended, decent bar with good band and good food)

Of course hubby was so so encouraged. I’m glad…
4. Island hopping and snorkelling – So prior to our trip, we book a phi phi island tour package cost around $60 per person.
Includes, touring phi phi island, pp don island and Khai nai island and snorkeling in Andaman sea. It also includes lunch in PP don and snorkeling equipment.
It was so fun riding the boat with other travelers, its so fast and bumpy with the water splashing in you occasionally, so you have this feeling of Adrenaline rush.

We had a great time with the snorkeling, in the middle of Phi phi island and PP don. They stop in middle of deep blue water, gave us the snorkelling gear and ask us to jump. The experience was amazing as its my first time to have a proper snorkeling in a deep blue Andaman sea.


Phi phi island was awesome, its super green water and white sand plus the rocky mountains around it was perfection. and lots of small monkeys roaming around, (which made my animal lover man happy) only thing was that its crowded in there and its January how much more if it is in summer.

Phi phi island

We went to PP Don island, had Thai lunch there, just a normal beach, and walk around.

Then the excitement gear up in Khai nai Island we went for snorkeling again but this time in this rounded island


it is just near the shore and not in the middle of the sea, so I went in the water and step on to sea urchin, not one but two huge brown sea urchins. its creepy, it is really painful and both my feet was bleeding that time.


Both my legs and even my hands were stung because I tried to help my both feet.
I was shouting and crying for help, my husband didnt know what happen as I can’t speak, so this guy saw us carry me into the shore and gave us first aid, well first aid was lime, and a urine.. Yes a urine, so they let my husband pee and put in into the affected areas.. It was really really painful and its difficult to walk. I’m just glad the day was finishing when this accident happen.

Sad because the tour guide himself didnt help us at all and didnt even apologize that they should have given us a snorkeling shoes. Oh well maybe they are used to seeing tourist got injured everytime so is not a big deal to them anymore. He just said oh don’t worry it will go away in few days after seeing my both feet with almost 50 spikes of urchin.

Lesson learned: You should have a snorkeling shoes whether you will dive in a deep or shallow water. Now that’s my requirement for a good tour package. I will recommend this tour because it was really good, but find out with the tourguide if they provide complete gear first, other option is bring your own shoes..

When I reached home in Singaore, I went to the hospital to do minor surgery in removing the urchin spikes .. I am totally healed after 2-3 weeks. Yikes!

So the next few days in the hotel was a struggle for me , we soak my feet into vinegar the whole night, leaving our hotel room vinegar smell..

Walk limping in the street of Phuket. So we end up watching a lot of movies inside the hotel and had few room service lunch and dinner.

Never the less, it was a fun, precious , memorable trip. Our first in Thailand.


5 SWIM – Our last day, we decided to swim while eating for the sunset. Sunset was fantastic, breath taking and not a lot of people swimming..

Phuket Thailand
Phuket Thailand
It was fun as husband has no choice but to carry me in the water, because I’m still in pain. Poor him. But we went home happy and recharged still…

Love. J

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