Hollywood to Malibu


11 July 2012

We just came from a conference in Texas, so we decided to go to LA as an extension of our trip.

Our first day here in LA, reached 10:40am LA time, we boarded our plane on houston at 8:20am, LA is 2 hours earlier than texas. It’s an awesome day ,I like the chilly weather. Though I’m really really tired carrying those luggages, we manage to reached our hotel just taking public transport. Take the big blue bus will take you to Union station mrt then take mrt to our hotel.


Check in to our cute hotel, Coral Sands Motel, no breakfast provided though:( so we need to buy cereals and bread for our daily breakfast, but turned out to be very convenient, near mrt, convenient store and guess what? Just behind Ross department store again! That means shopping ( eyes popping) ๐Ÿ™‚ we ate our late lunch at 2:30pm, we are so hungry went to this Thai food place near the hotel and ate green curry and pad Thai and finally plain rice! Gosh I really miss Asian food!


After we have rested, we went to famous Hollywood walk of fame and the theatre surrounding it.. It’s was fun:)


Its my first time in LA and what really surprised me was that the city is not that orderly as I thought. Theres a lot of beggars and gimmicky group like the photo above that entertains but forces people to give them money in the end of the amateur show. Not fun at all if you would ask me.


Hollywood sign, pretty far from our view:)
Only sad part is that there’s a lot of homeless people begging:( like its hard to imagine Hollywood being a really famous place with (my assuming self) suppose to be a lot of resources for this people have a lot of them.

I Can’t stand the sight because I feel a lot for them and it broke my heart at the same time felt scared to some of them.

Tried To jog early morning in my hotel street, then this homeless man tried to talk to me and followed me for few minutes, I really got scared but at the same time felt compassion for him. I found out that our hotel was just opposite home for homeless..

Some are performers on street like this group of guys who danced on the street and ask people for tips. They would really force you to give..

People wear famous costumes like batman, spiderman, Michael Jackson and ask people to take photo with them and they expect donations:) it’s also not easy for all these people. Makes me become grateful of the job that I have.. And it doesn’t mean that you are in the USA, everything is great. Because that’s what a typical Asian girl like me assumed specially growing up. Maybe its the influence of the Hollywood movies.

We ate McDonald as our dinner , I love their burger:):)
Went home and ended our day:)

July 13 It’s 8:39am Los Angeles time. I’m here on train going to union station and on our way to disney land;) my husband sitting behind. The train is not well lighted. I miss Singapore mrt haha. Realized that its difficult to be a tourist if you don’t have a car in US. But it’s not impossible, as we did it!

It’s 9:18am now and we are still figuring out our way to Disney land, we’re lost again huhu, we went walking..

But Wow but it has been a wonderful experience to be here in California.

July 12 which was Yesterday we went to silver lake but didn’t really found the tourist spot so we we a lot, turned out that this lake is secluded

we walk a lots and got lost thanks to iPhone we manage to get out of that place. But i enjoyed the walking in residencial areas as theres a lot of flowers, big roses with different colors and other kinds of flowers that its my first time to see. Here is photo ive taken . God is really creative. We end up to downtown LA wherein the first thing we see when we get out of the bus is the Walt Disney concert hall. Awesome! God encourages us. RESTED AND TOOK A LOT OF PHOTOS HERE.


Then we followed the book guide that leads us to Angels flight the shortest train ride in LA so cute. Here is it

Shortest train called Angels train in LA
Shortest train called Angels train in LA
After that we went to eat lunch Mexican food at historic grand central market.Then we continue walking to downtown and admired the old and nice buildings.. I eventually stumbled into this thrift shop that sells really cheap swimsuits etc. spend around $20 dollars on swimsuit &shades and a pair of earing:)
Then we headed to staples center:)

We Just took photos there and taken a look at the souvenir shop. Quite expensive so didn’t manage to get anything.

Pass by the Grammy museum, and saw this walk of Grammy awards

After ๐Ÿ˜this we went back to hotel slept for 2hours then headed to rodeo drive. Pretty glamorous place. Im like walking in a movie scene..All branded shops are here. Gucci, versace, Louis Vuitton , name it and we can’t afford it. lol.


from rodeo drive we take the wrong bus and ended up to nowhere, we havnt taken our dinner yet, we’ve starve like crazy and ended up buying frozen dinner fr supermarket near our hotel:)


July 13;

We reached Disneyland at 12pm:) We went to the adventure park so its not too kiddish.nice nice nice!!!

Rode this ship thingy.
Wet and wild Bugs and insect world is fun too. Watched the Aladdin show, had some Disney sketch workshop..
We had so much fun except that my husband got nausea and vomitted:( but aside from that everything went well.

14 July we went to Santa Monica and went to Malibu beach just by bus alone, yes you read it correctly from Hollywood to Malibu all by buses. Thanks to google and iPhone we are just fine. It was a sunny day but it was too cold around 16 deg . It was awesome view though with birds flying walking around we just enjoyed the scenery, took a lot of photos, eat our picnic food (chips, beer, tacos etc)






Pass by Beverly Hills, then Santa Monica
I love Santa Monica, it is so cold though for me specially at night. Enjoyed the pier, the shopping, and the beach..I would love to bring my family here one day, hopefully I will have a chance.


We decided to go to Malibu beach, we planned to swim but we can’t because it was too cold for us. We are from a tropical country and used to bathe in a super hot weather beach.. we went back to Santa Monica and had our late dinner in a seafood restaurant in there.






15 July
It’s Sunday so we are attending Los Angeles church of Christ, we are set for another adventurous day finding the venue of our church. We are successful!:) it’s somewhere in downtown LA. Met some old friends and met new ones.

It’s our last day in US so we decided to maximize our day, went to Venice beach in Santa Monica just to see and experience the vibe of these famous place.


It was a place of arts, people are roller blading, dancing, a lot of paintings etc that are for sale, touristy place and but a lot of weed users. They even have a clinic that sells it but it was promoted as medicinal use.Smell a lot of it and I can’t take it, I started to get nauseous maybe because of the sun as well and the crowd. Took few photos and went back to Hollywood. It was a good experience though. We did last minute shopping. ( I’m addicted to shopping here in US, bought an extra large luggage bag just for the things that I bought)

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